Student Praise for AAWEP

Lisa Macale - Diploma in Wedding Planning, Styling & Design

rsz_1lisa1-1So many of the modules helped me when I purchased my company, Willow Tree Creative Services, especially ones like the marketing module, as it helped me to figure out the direction I wanted to take the company in.

I think you have to truly be passionate about what you do to make it successful. I have found that knowledge and experience is incredibly important, the study I’ve done has really helped me immensely with the day to day running of the business.

You can read more about Lisa’s journey with her business and study with the Academy on her Profile on our blog.

Lisa was interviewed by Christine Kerr, our Director of Sales and Students, and she had some wonderful things to say about how her course has helped her in her business, Willow Tree Creative Services, as well as some great business tips for those starting out. Click here to watch what Lisa had to say about studying with WEI…Lisa Macale Interview

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Sally Stevens - Diploma in Wedding Planning, Styling & Design

rsz_sally_stevensI chose to study at the Academy as it provided everything in a course that I was looking for; a great combination of design along with planning elements as well as the business side.  Since completing the course I have found that the course has provided me with the necessary skills and industry knowledge that I need to make it in the industry.

Enrolling at the Academy is a great way to fine tune your desired business idea as well as learning all the necessary skills and important information along the way.

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Rebecca Simpson - Diploma in Wedding Planning, Styling & Design

rsz_rebeccasimpsonEnrolling at the WEI is the best thing I could have ever of done for so many different reasons. I researched courses that would cover every element of wedding planning and business start-up strategies, while still providing complete flexibility while I was home with our little girl.

The Diploma of Wedding Planning Styling and Design prepares you for every situation and opportunity that you may be faced with when planning a wedding or starting up your own business. Throughout the course you are given a “couple” for whom you plan a ‘wedding’ for.

I have found that the tutor’s at WEI are genuinely interested in the success of my business and they continue to provide me with ongoing support, guidance and tools required to run a successful business.

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Kylie Stone - Advanced Diploma in Planning & Design

rsz_kyliestoneThis course covered everything I wanted to study, subjects such as planning, managing and design. Choosing WEI was an easy decision for two reasons, their flexibility and that their courses are all Accredited.

I enjoyed every subject and especially loved and looked forward to each assignment I had to do. The assignments allowed me to show my creative side.

The course gave me to confidence to follow my dreams and launch my wedding & event planning business. Without the course behind me I don’t think I would have the confidence I currently have and I would be second guessing my decision.

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Renee Hollerin - Advanced Diploma in Planning & Design

rsz_reneeI chose to study with WEI after researching several online event courses because of the course content, the ease of finding information on their website, and the professionalism of the communications I received from Academy staff during my enquiries.

The course content, the fantastic tutors and the opportunities for students to interact and share information is second to none. The course units are structured in a way that makes sense, with interesting, challenging and fun projects.

The feedback from the tutors is always worthwhile and they are available to help with any questions students have. I don’t hesitate in recommending WEI to anyone looking at a career in weddings or events.

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Tahnie Roberts - Certificate in Event Design

rsz_tahnie_robertsI chose to study with the academy because it is one of the only schools that had a course focused on Event Design. After studying my diploma of event management I wanted to further my skills in the design areas and the academy gave me that opportunity.

The Academy has given me a broader knowledge of the industry both domestically and internationally. Taking me step by step through the design process and allowed me to explore my creativity and put my thoughts and research into a design.

Tahnie is now an Event Coodinator for Axis Events

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Kate Rowell - Certificate in Wedding Planning

rsz_1akwlogoI was really looking for a course that focused thoroughly on wedding planning which is what led me to the Academy’s Certificate of Wedding Planning. I am so glad I found this course as it was exactly what I was looking for in a course with its focus on wedding planning and in depth information on how to run your own business. This combination was perfect for me!

I have loved the whole process of studying with the Academy. From the relatable assignments, to the feedback and advice of the tutors and the people/contacts I have got to meet along the way, it’s been fantastic! I have also loved all the opportunities I have had to experience the world of events, in particular the Wedding Planning Masterclass where we got to spend a day meeting different suppliers from the industry and chatting to them about their businesses; loved it!

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